Saturday, October 5, 2013

Buying clothes from companies with sketchy production practices, or companies that are unwilling to be transparent about the way their items are manufactured (e.g. U.O., Anthro, Free People) are companies I've been trying my best to avoid. It can be tough though, especially since U.O. and brands like it churn out affordable, cute-lookin' stuff.  Eco-friendly basics can be especially hard to find on a budget. I can't justify spending $200 on a pair of organic cotton jeans just to have them destroyed within a few months of wear (for those of you wondering how I might go through a pair of jeans in just a few months; I'm a preschool teacher at a very fun and artsy school so think paint, spaghetti sauce, dirt, and--as always with small children-- lots of boogers).  This is where Twice comes in, a website that sells brands like U.O., Anthro, Free People, JCrew, Banana Republic, etc.. secondhand (which, for me, takes a lot of the guilt out of a purchase I might make). The prices range depending on the brand or item, but for the most part everything is pretty darn cheap (usually around 55-65% off the item's original price). Some of my favorite things about Twice: They have J Brand jeans starting at $17, free returns, and you can make a bit of extra money by sending them your own gently used, name brand clothing. 


  1. Well I just lost an hour of my life (and probably a significant amount of money) looking through Twice.

    1. Ha! I've spent a lot of time looking through the site since I stumbled upon it...waaaay too much time. It doesn't help that they bring in lots of new items each day, either! :)

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