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Sunday, July 21, 2013

I feel a lot of pressure to write something witty or profound or just generally awesome about my Etsy shop, Folk and Fables (since this is my very first blog post and all). Unfortunately, thats not going to happen. It's nine on a Sunday morning. I'm sleepy, need to get ready for the coming work week (I'm a preschool teacher by weekday)and I'm completely drawing a blank. 

Let me just give a barebones rundown: Ultimately, I want Folk and Fables to grow into a shop that gives to many, many nonprofits all while providing unique, sustainable items. At the moment Folk and Fables is collaborating with two nonprofits; one that supports communities living in extreme poverty, the other working to raise money so that it can one day offer scholarships to families that are unable to afford quality childcare. 

Within the coming weeks Folk and Fables will offer items thats proceeds directly benefit these nonprofits; BUT I also want to make sure this blog is about more than just my shop... 

I'm hoping I'll be able to encourage people (at least a few) to live a bit more sustainably in general, to support all types of nonprofits and small businesses, and be somewhat informative as to why (I feel, at least) it's pretty neat to do so. 

If you've made it this far, thanks for sticking around...

Heres to Beginnings! 


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