Summer Ensembles for Conscientious Consumers

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Every time I step outside it feels like I'm stepping into a hot, bug-filled bath. I'm tired of Atlanta's sticky heat, its insatiable scads of mosquitos, and its torrential downpours that love to begin as I'm hauling groceries to my car (and always on the days I decide to "get more exercise" and park as far away from Kroger as possible AND forgo using a cart—because I've deluded myself into thinking that my arms will become more defined by carrying four bags of groceries once a week to a car parked 1/8th of a mile away). Yup, my first full summer here has kind of bummed me out. I miss living just a short drive from the ocean (and the mountains). I miss three months of gloriously bright and reliable sunshine, and as cheesy as this is going to read, I miss driving down palm tree-lined streets. But in 16 days I'll be back for one week: CALIFORNIA, HERE I COME! I've already begun creating polyvore sets of ensembles I can't afford so I can dream about wearing the perfect outfit while walking past all those tall, fabulously cliched palms....

Good Day Sunshine (all eco-friendly items)

Sunnies:  Eco-conscious materials, handmade, local production, cruelty free
Nail Polish: Free of carcinogens
Lip Tint: Paraben free, cruelty free, 100% Vegan (beeswax, lanolin, & carmine free)
Top & Skirt: Made from dead stock fabric
Shoes: Ethical and environmentally responsible materials and manufacturing.

Summer Adventures!

Jumpers sweater / Coclico wedge high heels / Acrylic jewelry / Zoya nail polish

Jumper: Made from dead stock fabric
Cuff: Indie made
Shoes: Recycled cork / environmentally responsible manufacturing
Polish: Free of toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP 

I want that striped crop top and maxi so, so bad. Maybe it will go on sale one day. 

Here's to hoping, 


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