Summer to Fall

Saturday, August 10, 2013

As a fast-fashion addict attempting reform, something I've tried to keep in mind is that I can live more sustainably by simply buying less. Lately I've only been considering quality pieces that I truly love and can wear for more than just one season (unless the clothes are from the thrift—that seems to be the only way I don't end up feeling guilty for getting my fast-fashion fix these days).

The thing is, I've been kinda obsessed with these pants. I think they'd do very nicely on my trip back to California but summer is winding down, and initially I was having a hard time seeing them as something I'd be able to wear throughout fall and winter. I started Polyvoring (I can make it a verb, right?) the crud out of the pants, playing with the idea of wearing them in colder weather (i.e. justify buying them). . .



Shoes- Vegan
Ring- Indie made (Etsy)
Top- Local production (Brooklyn), handcrafted, made from eco-conscious materials
Pants- Vintage
Necklace- Zero fabric waste (read more about Daniel Silverstein's waste free technique here)

Summer to...


Top- Vintage
Swimsuit- Eco-friendly materials and production 
Polish- No formaldehyde, no toluene, no DBP, no formaldehyde resin, no camphor. Made in the USA. Cruelty free.
Cuff- Eco-friendly materials and production 
Shoes- Ethical and environmentally responsible materials and manufacturing

Summer to Fall


Boots- Ethical and environmentally responsible materials and manufacturing
Lipstick- Certified Cruelty Free 
Polish- Toxic-Free 
Shades- Eco-conscious Materials, Handmade, Local Production, Cruelty Free

From Summer to Fall 2


Boots- Ethical and environmentally responsible materials and manufacturing
Necklace- Indie/Handmade 
Hat- Vintage
Polish- Formulated without formaldehyde, camphor, toluene, formaldehyde resin, DBP, paraben.
Pants- Vintage 

Part of my problem, as I've admitted before, is I become easily bored with clothes. To me, buying a new dress feels really good, too good. And because I live on a pretty tight budget, Forever 21 and the sale section of Urban Outfitters used to be a go-to. I'm now trying to think of not purchasing new clothing as a sort of challenge to myself to be more creative with what I already have (what a revelation, right). I've got plenty of clothes and I feel best when I'm being creative, so there ya go I guess: I can make an argument for and against my beloved pants. What do you think? Also, I'd really like to hear how you feel about sustainable/fair trade vs. conventional clothing in general, and if it makes a difference to you when shopping.


  1. oo i like your polyvore boards! and those pants are like nothing i've ever seen before, i really like the outfits you chose. the winter one is especially clever, and i'm in love with the coat. i say buy them ;) #enabler

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Ha, I love an enabler! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Marlen!


  2. I'm trying to do the same: buy less new items, thrift more, and focus on quality and staying powers oft the pieces I purchase. That being said, I want cool, modern pieces that update my rag taggle thrift / vintage wardrobe and am making small exceptions for items that haunt my dreams (hellow armored nine west outlet sandals!), and these are ultra cool! They're so unique, and it looks like they're coming from an independent online shop, which is a bonus! I can seem them paired with dark contrasting tights for fall... You're thinking about your wardrobe, which is a HUGE step in the right direction.

    Anatomy Vintage

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Amber! I completely agree; I've really been trying to do a 75% vintage/thrifted and 25% new "thing" with my clothes buying lately. It forces me to choose carefully and only purchase items I'm crazy about and know will work with a number of pieces in my wardrobe. I gotta tell ya though, it's tough sometimes!


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