Eco-Friendly Fall Wish List

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall is my favorite season and as it approaches and I ogle over all the new lookbooks surfacing, I can't help but dream up a wishlist for the coming cooler days...

Ankle Boots
$410 - Coclico

$89 − 20twentyvintage (Etsy)

      $30 - ddamsel (Etsy)

$51.36 - Cecily Rose Vintage (Etsy)

Sweet Skirts 

 $44 - Chimp Vintage (Etsy)

Vintage Leather
$138 - Sally Jane Vintage (Etsy)

$12 - Clothing Rx (Etsy)

Layering Basics
$55 - Shop Exile (Etsy)

$32 - Heart City (Etsy)

$24 - Muse Studio (Etsy)

$28 - Sally Jane Vintage (Etsy)

$25 - Bear and Twine (Etsy)

Cropped Sweaters and Turtlenecks
$58 - meLuxCollection (Etsy) 

$24 - Darling and Mortar (Etsy)

$16 - Babushwick (Etsy)

I'd love the chance to pair meLuxCollection's sweater with the Osei Duro skirt. I wouldn't mind pairing the yellow blouse from Muse Studio beneath the striped shirt above it, either. 

Whats on your wishlist this fall? 

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