Sunday, September 1, 2013

I've been meaning to post photos from California since we got back last Saturday, but haven't had a chance until now:

We were visiting my boyfriend's parents in South Lake Tahoe and our first day there, fresh off the plane, his parents wanted to take us out on their new boat. I became overwhelmed on that boat. I'd almost forgotten how stinking beautiful California is, and ended up scribbling a bunch of mushy notes about all I'd experienced thus far in my tiny notebook; "Palms & pines. The smell, the haze of a distant grass fire. I'm constantly squinting because it's so freaking bright here. The endless fields, the desert shrubs... " Anyway, you get the picture. 

Turns out that distant fire though, It wasn't all that distant, nor just a mere grass fire. I'd taken note of the Sierra Nevada Rim fire that'd been blazing 98% out of control for the past several days. So yeah, by day 3 of our vacation we couldn't see the lake's end/mountains and hills that surround it, due to a thick blanket of smoke. By day 4 we couldn't go outside, and developed gnarly sore throats and goopy, snotty sinus infections that lasted the rest of our trip and plane ride back to Atlanta. F.U.N. (F-U Nevada fire).  

It was still a nice vacation though, and I'm glad I got to go. I do regret not having the guts to ask anyone to take some photos of my outfits for the blog. But I just felt way too awkward about it. The bummer is I spent a whole night meticulously packing, making sure I'd have stuff to wear that I wouldn't mind sharing. Maybe one day I'll show my mug on here, but then again I dunno... We'll see.

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